25th May 2022
    • Jualah Loans
      Jualah is a contract based on which an employer must pay a certain fee to a contractor for doing a certain job (based on the contract). The side who performs the action or the job is called agent or contractor.
      • Production affairs involve (industry, mines, agriculture, accommodation and building), commercial and services affairs.
      • Jualah loans for accommodation repairs are up to 100 million rials.
      Required documents:
      • Written application
      • Real people: original birth certificate and a copy of it.
      • Legal persons: articles of association, establishment certificate, incorporation notice, and the latest changes in the gazette.
      • Other documents and required permits for performing the agreed job which proves the written declaration of the applicant.
      Procedure Stages:
      1. Receiving the written application and required documents.
      2. Checking the application and required documentations and approving the loan by the banks authorities.
      3. Making the primary and secondary contract of Jualah, and receiving the acceptable pledge or pledges by the bank.
      4. Granting the loan