25th May 2022
    • leasing
      Leasing Loans
      Assigning an item with a certain price to a person so that all or a part of the price, based on equal or non-equal installments, is paid in certain maturities.
      In order to help the development of industry, mines, agriculture and services, based on the application and commitment of the applicant, the bank can purchase goods and lease them to the customers after receiving a pledge.
      The leasing contract period and its repayment maturity is equal to the maximum durability of the leased items which are assigned by the banks recognition.
      Raw materials, spare parts and tools leasing: Usage (supplying working capital for production units whether legal or real).
      Machineries and installations leasing: Usage (for developing production affairs, services and purchasing durable commodities produced inside the country with durability of more than a year).
      • Purchasing essential goods and services such as brand new and used durable commodities of domestic productions and scholarship, accommodation deposits and other similar essential needs with the maximum price of up to 80 million Rials.
      • Domestic cars leasing equal 60% of the cars price and at most 150 million Rials.
      Domestic cars leasing for replacing old personal cars with new ones equal to 80% of the car price which is 200 million Rials.
      Required Documents:
      Real persons:
      • Written application
      • Purchase invoice (raw materials, machineries).
      • Applicants original life certificate and a copy of it.
      • A copy of corporative activity permit.
      • Applicants original real state license and a copy of it.
      Legal persons:
      • Written application
      • Original life certificate of the managers and a copy of them according to the last official gazette.
      • Articles of association and declaration of the companys establishment.
      • A notice of incorporation.
      • The latest changes of the company mentioned in the official gazette.
      • Taxes declaration.
      • Business license.
      • The latest financial statement of the company.
      • Other documents and documentations and the permits depend on the confirmation reference of the Necessary Credit and prove the occurrence of the deal.
      Procedure Stages:
      1. Receiving the application and required documents.
      2. Inquiring about financial capability of the applicant and his/her ability for repayment of the installments.
      3. Receiving the required pledge and collateral.
      4. Making the leasing contract.
      5. Issuing the leasing check to the order of seller or builder.