25th May 2022
    • Foreign Exchange Payment Orders
      Currency Exchange
      Outward Payment Order
      Funding the payment order from the customers account (if account funding is done through the payment order from abroad) or funding into the customers account via buying currency drafts from the free exchange market. Since in the present time currencies are not sold by the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran for sending regular payment orders, the banks dont sell currencies for issuing outward payment orders.
      Required documents:
      • Filling in the application form of payment order (in English) including:
      Name, address, and the applicants phone number
      Name, address, and SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank
      The receivers IBAN
      Identifications of the Payment Orders beneficiary:
      Declaring reasons for issuing the Payment Order,
      Filling in the submission (relevant to the beneficiarys destination),
      The fees of issuing the Payment Order including tariff based on the exchange services of the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and SWIFT fees.
      Inward Payment Order
      The following is required in order to do Inward Payment Order for Shahr banks customers:
      1. Opening or owning an account (Rial or Foreign currency) in Shahr bank.
      2. Identification documents of the customer.
      3. There is no fee for depositing the amount of Inward Payment order into the customers accoun