25th May 2022
    • Brokerage Relations
      After lifting illegitimate sections against the countrys banking system, Shahr bank, as an added arm to the banking system of Iran, has done a widespread and extensive measures in developing banking activities in the circuit of Rial and foreign exchange in many countries and establishing brokerage relations with banks of different countries so that the bank has itself to apply its utmost for taking fruitful actions to provide the internal customers with their needs.
      Due to the extensive coverage for allocation of different foreign exchange by the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran in different countries, opening L.C and issuing exchange Payment orders for imports is possible in these countries. Therefore, in order to provide appropriate services for dear customers, Shahr bank by extensive actions could establish brokerage relations consider the following countries in its international activities:
      1. Europe (including Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Russian Federation, and some other European countries).
      2. Asia (Republic of China, India, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Tajikistan, Armenia, and some other Asian countries).
      3. Middle East (Oman kingdom, emirates).
      It should be noted that because of international requirements and regulations of the Central bank of Iran, Shahr bank is committed to follow all content of Anti-money Laundering and financial Terrorism. As a result, Risk Management and Compliance for monitoring all financial transactions in the international arena was founded in this bank to start its activity as an executive and regulatory section of the reconciliation.
      New brokerage relations is going to make efforts about responding to broker banks about regulations relevant to knowing the customers (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML), compliance and risk Management in an acceptable level.
      Choosing Shahr bank, as a selected bank which provides services for UN-Habitat activities in international arena, has caused that by considering positive horizon of international interactions, Shahr bank is one of the Iranian banks which has declared its concentration on negotiations with foreign banks for absorbing foreign sources coordinating with the Central Bank of Iran and has participated in all contracts offered so far by foreign banks and has an active cooperation.
      Contacting International and Exchange affairs manager:
      Telephone: 66765365
      Fax: 66765368
      E-mail : International@shahr-bank.ir
      SWIFT code: CIYBIRTH