25th May 2022
    • Shahr bank's Safe Deposit Boxes
      Shahr banks Safe Deposit Boxes
      Safe storage of personal valuable objects and documents has always been a huge concern for that occupies peoples minds. In order to provide convenience and comfort for the customers and ease their minds plus responding the necessity of security feelings about their properties, Shahr bank offers safe-deposit boxes so that the customers be able to keep their documents and valuables in a safe and secure place.
      Conditions for renting Safe-deposit boxes:
      According to the banks directories, all the legal and real people can use the rental safe-deposit boxes services through holding one account in Shahr bank.
      Applicants of safe-deposit boxes must open an account in Shahr bank if they dont have any.
      The customers can keep any objects (which dont involve forbidden objects or the ones that might damage the box and the treasury by being decayed) in these safe-deposit boxes.
      The holders their lawyers can use the box. Its obvious that the box is not transferred to other people.
      Customers must leave a deposit in addition to paying the rent. If the customers have no debts to the bank, the deposit amount will be delivered to them at the contract maturity or if the contract is cancelled. Moreover, for a period less than a year the rent will be calculated as well.
      Customers can use the box repeatedly during the banking hours, so using each box is possible many times a day.
      Various types of Safe-deposit box:
      Safe deposit boxes of bank are generally available in three sizes including big, average, and small. Each safe-deposit box has two keys (one is specific for the customer and the other one specific for the bank), and each pair of keys has a copy.
      After the contract is signed, two keys of the customer will be given to him/her or their lawyers. The customer must keep both keys with him/herself.
      Row Box Name the length Width Height Rent (R) Deposit (R)
      1 Small 30 50 9.1 382200 3057600
      2 Average 30 50 14.1 592 200 4737600
      3 Great 30 50 29.1 1222200 9777600
      How to rent a safe-deposit box:
      Real people can rent a box by presenting their birth certificate, national ID card, two personal pictures plus filling in the application form and leaving the required deposit and paying the rent.
      For legal people, presenting the incorporation license and a copy of the official newspaper of the country in which there is the advertisement of the firm or institution plus the official gazette that introduces the managing director, signatory managers and the latest changes of a company is necessary.
      The rest of conditions for using these boxes are mentioned at the bottom of the application form.
      The fees for Safe-deposit boxes:
      Based on the various sizes of these rental boxes, the deposit amount and annual rent are different which are declared to the customer when referring to the banks branch.
      All the branches that have Safe deposit boxes
      Branch code Supervision Address Phone
      Tabriz 364 Administration Region 2 Azerbaijan Tabriz - Koi Vali Blvd. Contacts - S·hnd- Street next to City Bank building - ground 041-3270095-96
      Zafar 484 Regional 9 Administration Tehran Tehran - Oil Zafar did not take to the streets across the street construction 021-26420562-26420681-26420559
      Moghadas Ardebili 485 Tehran Administration District 8 Holy Ardbyly- St., Tehran Vali Street corner F. 021-22414917-22414796-22414823
      Elahieh-Takhti Square 472 Tehran Administration District 8 Tehran Alhyh- the street Tkhty- bed 021-22392472-3
      Ferdowsi Square 329 Region 9Administration Tehran Tehrans Enghelab Street, southwest corner of Ferdowsi Square 021-66741772-66741806-66741781
      Kish 414 Hormozgan, Kish, Pearl Blvd. Integrated Services Sharestan 076-44458785
      Safe-deposit box of Qazvin 3007 Qazvin, Palestine Avenue, the intersection of Palestine, Southeast Zl ZIP code: 3413873346 02833326105 and 02833326102
      Lar 564 Fars, Lar, Old Town, Madras Street South 071-52334231, 52347901