09th December 2021
    • Short-Term Investment Accounts
      Deposit and Investment accounts of Shahr bank are created for saving and promoting the customers savings with accessibility through all branches across the country. Dear customers can deposit their funds into and withdraw funds from their required bank accounts by opening Shot-term Investment deposit accounts and also receive daily-based interest on these accounts.
      Conditions of opening a Short-Term Investment Deposit Account for real entities:
      Each real person who is already 18 years old or has received his Maturity Approval from the court, is permitted to open a short-term investment deposit in his/her name in Shahr bank.
      Required documents for opening an account:
      • Filling in the application form
      • Original life certificate and a copy of it
      • Original ID card and a copy of it
      Conditions of opening a Short-Term Investment Deposit Account for Legal entities:
      • Predicting the permission of opening short-term investment deposit accounts in the Articles of Association
      • Required documents for opening accounts
      • Original documents of the companys establishment and a copy of them including: the notice of incorporation, articles of association, official gazette of the latest changes of board of directors and the legal authorized signatories of the company, company establishment declaration and company letter
      • Original life certificate of the company managers and a copy of them
      • Original ID card of the company managers and a copy of them
      Opening a joint Short-Term Investment Deposit Account
      Probably two or more people decide to open a joint short-term investment deposit account which requires the following conditions:
      • Manner and the order of using this account and the share amount of each person and also the way of withdrawing from the account must be specified and declared.
      • The signature or signatures as long as no written disagreement is declared by any of the account holders, will be valid.