25th May 2022
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      Drive-Thru Banks
      Following the development in electronic banking and along with the improvement in citizenship satisfaction, Shahr bank has succeeded so far to establish drive-thru banks in Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz and Uremia as a modern service in the circuit of mega-cities management.
      It is possible for the customers to stop their cars at the drive-thru banks and do their banking operations at most in three minutes without getting out of their cars.
      There are at least two machines installed in each drive-thru bank which will make it possible for two cars to stop at the drive-thru bank at the same time. Although establishing drive-thru banks cost a lot for Shahr bank, facilitating bank services for the customers who have difficulties in finding parking spaces will provide satisfaction for Shahr banks customers.
      With the slogan of " Service Innovation", Shahr bank is following up electronic banking services and it is predicted that drive-thru banks will be expanded all over the country with the cooperation of municipalities in mega-cities and center of provinces.

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