25th May 2022
    • Auto-Recipient Machine
      Auto-Recipient Machine

      Shahr Bank is proud to have established ATM/ARM machines for the first time in the customer orientation area. These machines, which exist in 130 counters of Shahr banks Shahrnet, are providing modern electronic banking services around the clock all the week for all dear customers in different places across the country.
      One of the most important advantages of these machines is automatic funds withdrawals and deposits by the customers at any time around the clock without the necessity of a tellers presence. This feature has caused that refilling the machine with cash has been eliminated from the workflow and the machine will never be unable to provide the customers with services including cash withdrawals.
      Other features include:
      • Ability in receiving cash
      • Ability in separating the bills and putting them into different cassettes
      • Possibility for instant deposit of funds into the customers accounts
      • Ability in distinguishing current bills of the country and separating the fake bills from the real ones