25th May 2022
    • VTM
      Shahrs Virtual Teller Machines (VTM)

      By developing physical tools into virtual ones, the customers are selecting services based on this area. Today the customers tend to have the ability to do their banking operations at any moments and nowadays convincing the customers to come from a virtual world to branches is difficult.
      While most of the customers dont agree with completely eliminating the physical branch, there has been an opportunity to introduce a new generation of electronic banking products.
      A device named Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) in the current banking world was another generation of modern banking services for the customers based on which a channel can be provided for the banks to shift most of the direct transactions to semi direct.
      Shahr bank is a pioneer in establishing Virtual Teller Machines in Iran. These VTMs have the capability of providing all banking services around the clock. Shahr was the first bank that introduced these machines in Iran as Khod Bank (Auto-bank).
      Using television-conference technology, there will be better communication between customers and the operators in virtual banks and required banking services are provided for customers.
      Via Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) available in Shahr-net kiosks of Shahr bank, it is possible for the customers to have an online communication with the manager of a virtual branch and make their banking requests indirectly. This capability has been introduced in the countrys banking network for the first time.

      VTM services include:
      1. Opening accounts and issuing Cash (Debit) cards.
      2. Funds transfer among accounts and banks.
      3. Reporting the loss of cards and blocking the cards.
      4. Internet issuance of Gift Cards.
      5. Repaying loan installments of Shahr bank.
      6. Blocking the internet and mobile banking
      7. Satna funds transfer
      8. Paya funds transfer
      9. Issuing certificates of financial ability
      10. Persian and English statements of accounts
      11. Issuing bank guarantees, issuing investment units of Arman Shahr