25th May 2022
    • Electronic Exchange Machine

      Electronic Exchange Machine

      In order to provide you dear customers with modern services for attracting tourists and improving tourism as a very important industry for the country, Exchange Machines with the ability of exchanging foreign currencies to Rial and vice versa were installed and initiated by Shahr bank in several cities of Iran including (Tehran, Kish, Mashhad, etc.) with the goal of tourists comfort.

      Services and advantages of Exchange Machines:
      • Ability of exchanging valid currencies consisting of Dollar, Euro, Dirham, etc. to Rial.
      • Instant issuance of Cash Cards which are usable in all ATMs, store POS and also for online shopping.
      • Ability in detecting currencies.
      • Receiving electronic money instead of cash.
      • Identifying the customers via the machine through scanning their passports.

      Stages of currency exchange and card issuance
      1. Choosing language
      2. Entering the price and type of currency
      3. Choosing Card Issuance option
      4. Holding the passport to be scanned in the specific place
      5. Rial Cash Card Issuance along with delivering the cards password