25th May 2022
    • Points of Sale (POS)

      Good features of Shahr banks POS:
      With lots of capabilities and beautiful appearances, Shahr banks POS will make your business places look different.

      Capabilities of Shahr banks Point of Sales (POS):
      1. High speed in processing the transactions
      2. High security in key management and transactions processing (supporting the standard of PCI PED v3.0)
      3. Supporting different magnetic, smart touch an non-touch cards
      4. Supporting different communication fields of WLAN, LAN, GPRS, PSTN
      5. Colored and touch screen: Shahr banks Points of Sale have colored and touch screens. Depending on the software of these Points of Sale, some or all the operations could be done by touch.
      6. High quality of hardware and production materials: By doing investigations and gaining technical and operational results, the production quality of these Points of Sale is proper and doing banking operations via these Points of Sale is possible with high assurance.
      7. Beautiful and unique appearance:The color of these Points is red and they have a noticeable appearance and design. This beauty in appearance beside the colored and touch screen grabs the attention of customers when they refer to stores and tempts them into using these Points of Sale to do their operations.
      8. Ability of connection to the exterior keyboard
      9. Ability of connection to the Barcode Readers
      10. Possibility of online shopping and payment
      11. Possibility of buying mobile phone charges and instant charging of mobile phones
      12. Possibility of paying different bills
      13. Getting balance statements and receiving the statement of buyer and seller
      14. Possibility of changing the POS and the sellers password
      15. Reprint of transactions statement
      16. Receiving daily statements
      17. Receiving the statement of a specific time period
      18. Receiving a shift statement
      19. Possibility of buying and charging Citizen Card (Money Purse)
      20. In case of installing the relevant software, Shahr banks POS have the ability of accepting Citizen Cards
      21. Doing other value added services such as discount and charging local cards
      22. The software of these POS has a high flexibility so that there is a possibility of designing and implementing specific business software for special customers.
      23. Capability of connection to the store till accounting software (PC-POS)
      24. Automatic display and transfer of amounts on the POS screen increases the transactions accuracy and speed in shopping process and decreases the probability of mistakes when entering amounts by the operator and customers.
      25. Settling and depositing the amounts of transactions to the beneficiaries accounts in shortest intervals (7 times a day based on Shaparaks intervals).
      26. Transferring the list of shopping transactions separately into the beneficiarys account because of increasing the capability of tracking the transactions.

      Other features of POS services include:
      1. Quick installation: After recording the customers application, the POS will be installed for the applicant at most in 7 days.
      2. Regular Monitoring: Each approved POS is checked at regular intervals by the backup experts. During the check, the appearance and function of the POS is tested and if anything needs to be done to help the function, it will be done by the backup expert. For example, providing role paper for POS.
      3. Specific checking: In case the POS have any functional problems during the intervals, by contacting the phone number available on the POS and printed on the POS tag, the expert will take action to solve the problem as quick as possible.
      4. Call center 7*24: Based on the standards and management means in providing IT services, Shahr banks call center is prepared 24 hours a day to record and pursue the resolve of probable problems of the clients.

      Technical and hardware capabilities of Shahr banks POS:
      1. Processor: 32-bit ARM 11.
      2. Memory: 128-mega bit flash, 64 M SD RAM.
      3. Screen: 320*240 3.5 inches, TFT pixel, colored background light, touch screen.
      4. Water proof, dust resistant.
      5. Printer: Speed of 16 lines a second with standard role papers.
      6. Magnetic card reader: double side 1/2/3 track.
      7. Touch card reader: Smart reader EMV, ISO 7816.
      8. Non-touch card reader: ISO 14443, type 13.56, A/B mega hurts.
      9. Cassettes: SIM 1, SIM 3 (optional).
      10. Battery: 1500 MAH (optional).

      Different types of Shahr banks POS (based on communication infrastructures):
      Different types of Shahr banks mobile or fixed POS are available according to the kind of business and the customers needs and also communication infrastructures available in the clients stores. In this concern, the following POS can be mentioned:
      Dial up (fixed – connected to telephone lines)
      LAN (fixed – connected to network)
      GPRS (mobile – connection via SIM card)
      Wi-Fi (mobile – connected to network)

      Encouraging and motivating features:
      In order to appreciate the confidence of Shahr banks customers, providing and implementing encouraging and motivating programs is considered which are presented as follows:
      1. Providing loans for these clients with lower interest without a lottery comparing with ordinary customers.
      2. Holding various interval festivals and presenting valuable financial and non-financial rewards to the clients via lotteries.
      3. Providing the clients with free internet for using in their workplaces and also for connection of POS.
      4. Supplying the clients with peripheral equipment such as device base and also various occasional advertising gifts.
      5. For receiving Shahr banks POS you can refer to the branches all over the country.
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      Shahr banks electronic services offices
      Shopping centers and malls
      Shahrvad department stores
      Consumer Cooperatives of the municipality
      Consumer Cooperatives of the bus company
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