25th May 2022
    • Following up the failed transactions
      Following up the failed transactions

      In order to expand electronic banking services and also facilitating the process of resolving discrepancy of unsuccessful transactions, Shahr bank has established a system for registering and following up the failed transactions.

      Failed transactions:
      the transactions which are done through one of the electronic platforms (Internet, ATM, POS, etc.) and although the fund is deducted from a customers bank account, the required service is not provided by the bank.
      Following up number: it is a number which customers receive when they enter their information in a transaction to follows up the discrepancy in case the transaction fails.

      Please pay attention to the following points in order to optimize the system:
      1. Follow up the failed transaction not before 72 hours after doing it.
      2. Check the entered information such as card and cell-phone numbers precisely.
      3. In order to apply for this request, in addition to the internet website of Shahr bank, you can refer to any of our branches.

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