25th May 2022
    • Issuance of Logo Certificate (Digital Signature)
      Issuance of Logo Certificate (Digital Signature)

      Digital signature is a form of electronic signature in which a pair key is used for encryption; digital signature can secure sensitive and valuable communications and identify the message sender and the signatory. This signature ensures that the message content or the sent document is unchanged on the way.
      Since in the near future all the financial transfers in banking network will be done via Logo certificate (Digital signature), and because Shahr bank has received the permits for issuing digital signature certificate and also has initiated the counter offices for Logo certificate services (Data Security Management System) in selected branches of this bank, all customers will be able to apply for issuance of this certificate by going to these branches and providing required identifications.
      The Certificate issued by the Central Bank of IRI will be delivered to the applicant by the respective branch.