25th May 2022
    • internet bank

      According to the customer orientation principle and promotion of modern banking system, new system of Shahr Internet Banking was established with features of fast usage speed, high security and being user-friendly.
      Shahr Internet Banking is designed to be used by real and legal people.
      Some of the services provided for real people include:
      A. Receiving the balance of accounts
      B. Intra-bank funds transfers:
      1. Conventional: for transferring funds among personal accounts of a customer or funds transfer to other peoples accounts in Shahr bank.
      2. Multiple: for doing several intra-bank funds transfers in one stage by one file.

      C. Inter-bank funds transfer and continuous inter-bank funds transfer:
      1. From card to card: customers can transfer funds from their ATM cards to other ATM cards or Shahr banks account. Of course, either the source or the destination card must belong to Shahr bank.
      2. Paya (Conventional/Multiple/Continuous) and Satna: customers can do their funds transfers to other banks accounts through these services without referring to the bank branches. Continuous intra-bank funds transfer.

      Check management:
      Ability in monitoring the customers current account and check books referring to each account along with the status report of each check tab including usable checks, paid, bounced, etc. and also in the same section the customers deposited checks into accounts plus the checks information and its collection date.

      Loans Management:
      It includes services such as checking the remained installments of a loan (maturity), possibility of receiving reports about checking the details of paid installments.

      Payment management:
      It includes utility bills payment, paying Shahrs leasing installments, topping up the balance of credit SIM cards, helping charity institutions, paying the fees of organization taxes and other bills.

      Cartable services (funds transfers on multi-signature accounts)

      Card managements:
      It includes checking the balance, bills payment, money transfer, changing the second password, checking the statements and possibility of blocking the card.

      It includes monitoring periodical reports, receiving statements, monitoring the details of inter-bank funds transfers of Paya and Satna, etc.

      Dear customers in this field can enter the information referring to contacts and bank accounts of intended people and use this information when necessary.

      | Adding intra-bank funds transfer.
      | Adding respective details to financial daily counting and deposits in one glance.
      | In the area of loans management, adding the possibility in receiving reports of monitoring the paid installments and eliminating the installment card.
      | In the area of payment management, adding payment of traffic organization taxes and other bills.

      In order to change the first and second password of internet banking channel, changing username, display settings and so on, dear customers can use this section. All legal persons by using Shahr bank internet can use services such as: checking the statements of accounts, receiving any reports concerning all funds transfers of accounts, recording checks information, etc. which facilitates accountings in organizations and companies and removes the necessity for them to visit the bank.

      Entering Shahr Banks Internet