25th May 2022
    • citizen card
      Citizenship bank card is a new and different product by Shahr Bank that contains an electronic smart purse to facilitate the daily payments of citizens. Holding this electronic purse you can ensure high security of doing all your small and large scale payments. By the Magnetic tapes attached on the side of the smart chip, these cards can be used for purchases acceleration and transferring of funds in the banking system of the country. The main objective of the Citizens Card purse is assuring the owners of high financial security and speeding up the micro financial processes.
      citizen-cards in shahr bank
      In order to achieve this goal, small scale payments take place at high speed without the need to connect to the network or entering the cards password. So you can use this electronic purse like cash in all the shopping centers, and for public transportation systems such as bus, subway, parking meters and taxis. In addition to the services listed, Citizen Card has multi-pocket capability for the optimum management of expenses. By referring to specific devices which use different pockets of cards, Citizen Card can be used purposefully.
      In order to provide maximum security for Citizen Cards, two different passwords are embedded for the purse and the bank account; therefore, in order to use each of these capabilities, you must enter the relevant password.
      In the first method, which is the fastest method of payment, simply by pressing the "OK" button on the POS, choose the "Purchase" option and then enter the required amount until the message "Waiting for card" is displayed, put your card near the POS so that the appropriate message is displayed. If the purchase price exceeds the maximum amount without a password, set in your card (default 50 thousand Rials), the POS will ask the Purse password. In the second method, insert your card according to the arrow into the card reader and choose the "purchase" option from the list of options that appear on the screen. In the next step, if necessary, enter your e-purse password and click OK to select the payment.
      citizen-cards3 in shahr bank