25th May 2022
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    • Goals and Plans
      The Statement of Mission and Future Vision :
      Considering important position of the shareholders, by creating the management of stock affairs as the main loop communication with our shareholders, the managing director of Shahr bank decided to take action for their maximum satisfaction respect.
      In an overall view, the management of stocks can be defined as the main factor of link between the shareholders and top management of the banks executive. In other words, this management, implement the banks senior management policies in order to provide new services for our shareholders.
      The stock management considers customer orientation, building trust, honesty and confidentiality as his main task and knows excellent service delivery, reducing the organizational costs which guarantee the benefit of our shareholders, as one of his fundamental objectives.
      Achieved and future goals:
      Considering the above points, the achieved and future goals and programs realized by the management include the following:
      1. Non-personal services through the shareholders portal of the bank such as being informed of the latest number of shares, the remaining monetary demands, receiving a temporary certificate of stock, etc.,
      2. Launching Online Independent Site of shareholders in order to gain the maximum benefits by the banks shareholders such as goals and plans, financial data, shareholders and capital changes, news of organizations, educational resources, announcements, stock quotes, and related links. ..,
      3. Setting up an internal portal of the banks shareholders affairs management to gain the maximum usage by of all colleagues, including goals and plans, financial data, shareholders and capital changes, news of organizations, educational resources, announcements, stock quotes, and related links ...,
      4. Providing necessary provisions to provide electronic services for the welfare of our shareholders and avoid wasted time and unnecessary travels inside the city,
      5. Organizing the banks shareholders of the bank including a Tehran Municipality employees and subsidiaries and shareholders of metropolises and other legal and real shareholders,
      6. Development of interactive solutions for real shareholders concerning the problems.
      7. Sequential development of effective interaction with institutions supervising the capital market (Tehran Stock Exchange and its subsidiary companies).
      8. Strengthening a correct noticing system for shareholders in the acquisition and development to the maximum satisfaction of the shareholders through: System texting, cable channels, etc.,
      And also with regard to the pointed cases, goals and future plans of management is desirable as follows:
      1. The transfer of bank shares from the OTC market base, to one of the main stock markets,
      2. The promotion of motivation, engagement and retention of Shahr banks Shareholders for continually improvement of Shahr banks shareholders view towards the bank.
      (3) Trying to promote a culture of investing in capital markets and the development of shareholder.
      In the end, this management has applied huge efforts with other colleagues in order to achieve higher goals and macro policies of the bank, and fortunately the measures taken large strides that have managed to achieve a significant portion of the objectives of and achieve to put the goals forward in the forefront of their affairs.