Qarz Ul-Hasaneh (non-interest bearing) loans



Qarz Ul-Hasaneh loans

Its a contract based on which the bank (as the lender) assigns a certain amount of money, based on the regulations mentioned in this instruction, as a loan people whether legal or real for the following requests:

- Providing Necessary needs of real people.

- Costs of marriage and preparing dowry (jihaz).

- Diseases treatment costs.

- Accommodation preparation and repairs.

- Scholarship.

- Emergency needs.


Special Qarz Ul-Hasaneh loans:

In case of opening Special Qarz Ul-Hasaneh account by companies and organizations, Shahr bank will assign loans to people introduced by these companies. The minimum deposit amount for opening a Special Qarz Ul-Hasaneh account is 10 million Rials and the maximum amount of Special Qarz Ul-Hasaneh loans through that account is 3million Rials and the maximum amount of loans through this account is one billion five hundred million Rials with a five-year repayment maturity.



Marriage Qarz Ul-Hasaneh loan

In order to assist marriages and sharing in this good deed as prophet Mohammads Godly tradition, Shahr bank assigns a non-interest bearing loan with maximum amount of 30 million Rials to each marriage partner based on the rules and regulations.

Qarzul-Hasaneh loans from deposited funds: (if fund is deposited by a depositor)

Shahr Bank assigns loans, in form of Qarz Ul-Hasaneh or Specific contents mentioned in the contract, to recommended people with certain specifications which are determined by the fund depositor. 


Required documents:

- Written application (by the applicant).

- A reference from the institutions which have a quota in "Marriage loan of the Central Bank" website.

- Other documents (depending on the application, kind of loan, confirmation of the credit approval reference).

Procedure Stages:

- Receiving a written application and required documents.

- Checking the application and approving the credit based on the submitted authority by the banks competent references.

- Receiving an acceptable pledge by the bank.

- Making the Qarz Ul-Hsaneh contract.

- Granting the Qarz Ul-Hasaneh loan