Security Tips for E-banking



Security Tips for E-banking



Internet banking

Pay attention to the Virtual bank address, any addresses other than https // is invalid. Pay attention carefully to similar and close addresses to the banks website.






Never refer to the banks website through available links on other sites but type the sites address https // in the proper place.

Choose your username and password carefully, not the way which could be guessed by others. For example, avoid using your name, the year of birth, ID number, names of your favorite people, a favorite place, etc.

 Dont consider the number of letters in your password fewer than 8 characters and make sure to use letters along with figures in your password.

• When using wireless connections the risk of interception may be greater. Use the wireless connection only when you are completely sure that internet connection is secure.

• Make sure that programs like antivirus are updated on your computer.

• Never send your important information such as account number, password, date of birth, etc. via SMS.

• Bank Shahr never requests your personal and bank information such as your name, account number, balance, password and so on in any ways (email, phone or post). In such a case, inform your bank immediately.

• Do not use the Internet bank in public places.

• Use reliable and updated browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

• Change your password at short intervals.

• In order to enhance the security of password, use the virtual keyboard.

• It is recommended to take the following steps before leaving the system:

1. Select the option Clear Recent History from the menu of Tools,





2. Now select all options of  Browsing, Cookis, cache then press Delete.