CityPay Card

Our CityPay Card can be used just like a standard Debit Card, plus it features an electronic “wallet” that can be pre-loaded with funds and used to make small value purchases via contactless payment. So it’s a secure alternative to cash.

CityPay is ideal for everyday purchases, and also acts as a smart ticketing card, enabling customers to pay for parking or buy tickets on public transport quickly and easily. Customer details and photograph are included for additional security, so the Card can also serve as Photo ID

Debit Cards

Debit Cards are issued to Current Account and Savings Account customers, providing access to a wide range of secure and convenient payment services. Debit Card customers can withdraw cash and make Electronic Transfers and Bill Payments via the Interbank ATM network. Customers can also make online payments, top up their mobile phone, and purchase goods and services at point of sale.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be used just like a Debit Card, only instead of being linked to a Current Account or Savings Account, they are pre-loaded with funds. Gift Card holders can withdraw cash via the Interbank ATM network, make payments on the web or at point of sale, and use their card to top up their mobile phone balance. When the pre-paid balance falls to zero, the card can simply be discarded.