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Shahr Bank CEOs congratulation on the occasion of New Years Eve

According to the Center of Communications and Public Relations of the Shahr Bank, Dr Hossein Mohammad Pourzarandi, referring to the naming of the new year with the title of "Supporting the Iranian Commodity" by the Supreme Leader and the wish of a happy year for all Iranian people around the world, issued a message as follows:

In the name of God

You change the hearts and sight; you are the master of the day and night; the ruler of the years and the states; turn away us to the best of all.

Congratulations to Eid Saeed Nowruz and the arrival of spring and new year to all our beloved companions, individuals and families who serve the country and serve the citizen and I hope that with the grace and mercy of the God Iranian people will have a happy and full blessed year and will be successful and prosperous in all fields.

Our beloved country Iran, with its historical and Islamic background and spiritual and cultural treasures, has been admired in the history of the world and has been a symbol of security and trust for all.

In the context of this security, the memory of the world and tourists has always been a beautiful and memorable memory of the hospitality of the Iranian people and the unparalleled beauty of our country With great support from Iranian products, the name of Iran and Iranian people will be glittering on all peaks of glory, including domestic production.

Today, Iranians will take advantage of all the human, natural and cultural benefits of domestic and national prosperity and support Iranian goods, in a place of our beloved land, and will take strong and effective steps towards national prosperity.

In this regard, the Shahr Bank will also consider and look at all the horizons of domestic and national manufacturing and entrepreneurship by following the valuable and effective guidelines of the Supreme Leader on the support of Iranian goods and paying attention to all capacities It makes the lives of Iranian citizens more fluid, comfortable, safe and comfortable, by providing financial services and economic support in the elaboration and development of domestic and national production infrastructure that includes all aspects of welfare, including transport and transportation infrastructure, financial and economic services, and the organization of production and entrepreneurship centers, and the development and improvement of areas and attractions Nature and tourism, will offer its mission more and more than previous years to the general citizens, tourists and travelers of Nowruz throughout the country.

We hope that God will place all the servants and devotees in the soil of this homeland with his grace and the claim of Zakieh of the Most High (Allah).


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