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Self-Banking Machine (ITM) Iran's Premium Product in 1396

SIM card issuing mechanization machine (ISTM) and Self-Banking Machine (ITM) two products of Toseeh and Noavari Company (affiliated with the Shahr Bank), were introduced as the top Iranian products at the 2nd National Iranian Product Innovation Festival.

According to the Communications and Public Relations center of Shahr Bank, the managing director of Toseeh and Noavari Company, referring to the second national innovation festival of Iranian product and its product luminosity , said: By identifying, selecting and introducing innovative products and services of companies to society, the festival will provide the field for best selection , and by creating a unique position for that product, it will create a unique advantage for continuous success of the product in the market.

Reza Haji Ali Beigi, referring to the success of the Shahr Bank in the festival, added: Bank's Self-Banking Machine (ITM) succeeded in earning the gold standard for the product innovation of Iran in the year 96.

Referring to the fact that ITM is a transformation in the banking industry using the country's elite youth's capacity, adding that the product will serve customers with the aim of not relying on foreign markets.

Haji Ali Beigi, referring to the features of this machine, stated: opening an account and issuing a cash card, transferring funds between deposits and transferring bank deposits, declaring a missing and blocked card, issuing an online gift card, paying a bank loan facility, blocking the Internet Bank and With the Bank, Satan transfer of funds, Paya transfer of funds, issuance of financial accreditation certificates, Persian and Latin bills, as well as e-government services are one of the services that this device provides.

He further added: "ISTM will also issue a mobile SIM card (currently, Irancell) mechanically, which currently has" ITM "alone the capacity to issue it mechanized, and serves as another new service from the Shahr Bank in the festival was appreciated.

Accordingly, the festival was held with the aim of identifying, evaluating and determining the best innovations of Iranian companies in the field of producing and providing new products and services to consumers by the Vice President of Science and Technology and Sharif University of Technology.


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