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Bank ShahrEnjoys Significant Capacities to GuideCPI Successfully

Bank Shahr has significant capacities for heading World Urban Prosperity Fund, the issue of which is of paramount importance.
Deputy UN Habitat Research and Capacity Building Affairs Prof. Edward Lopez announced the above statement and said: “City Prosperity Index Program initiated in 2012, so that capacity-building and research sector of “Habitat” provided the index. According to the UN General Assembly regulation, a report was provided, so that several cities urged UN Habitat to implement the program. Broadly speaking, this program became international.”
It was envisioned that this program should be executed in Iran regionally, he said, adding: “Thanks to its best performance, Bank Shahr was appointed to finance implementation of this comprehensive program.”
Under the cooperate agreement inked between Bank Shahr and UN Habitat, the bank was selected as pivotal partner in the region, he maintained.
Bank Shahr was selected to finance the project as delineated by UN Habitat, he said, adding: “It is hoped that financial resources will be provided in other cities in world with the cooperation of Bank Shahr in line with implementing “City Prosperity Initiative (CPI)”.
Once this Fund is set up, 45 countries will take membership at the Fund, so that implementation of the said program will be accelerated, he opined.
Qazvin is considered as the first city which will host the implementation of the program, he said, adding: “Since Qazvin Municipality is equipped with the most appropriate management, golden opportunity has been provided in this province for implementation of this program.”
In the end, he said: “It is hoped that this comprehensive program will be generalized in other cities in the country.”

Head of Majlis Article 90 Commission:
Bank Shahr, Safe Sponsor for Development of Cities
Bank Shahr is considered as “safe” and “confidant” sponsor for development of urban areas.
Announcing the above in an interview, Head of Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly DavoudMohammadi said: “Qazvin was selected as pilot city for implementing City Prosperity Initiative due to its attractions with breathtaking views.”

Qazvin Governor General:
Successful Implementation of CPI Requires “National Support”
Governor General of Qazvin Province FereydounHemmati said that successful implementation of City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) requires national supports and effort of managers in municipal affairs.
He pointed to the unsparing supports of Bank Shahr in implementing “City Prosperity Initiative” and called on all responsible organizations and institutes to take effective steps for successful implementation of the plan.”
Getting aid from UN, providing financial resources and compatibility of local development programs with world program should be taken into consideration for execution of CPI, he maintained.
In the end, he expressed his thanks to the senior management of Bank Shahr who took effective steps for implementing this comprehensive program in the country.

Vice President:
Urban Sustainable Development, Main Mission of Bank Shahr
Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment (DoE) Ma’soumehEbtekar said that achieving sustainable development in urban areas is the main mission of Bank Shahr.
Speaking in the presence of ranking officials of UN Habitat, head of Majlis Article 90 commission, governor general and mayor of Qazvin and also deputies of the Department of Environment (DoE), he said: “Bank Shahr has always been considered as pioneer and vanguard in supporting urban projects.”
As an operating bank of Intl. Fund of City Prosperity Initiative, the bank plays a key and important role in this respect, he said, adding: “CPI has been delegated to the bank thanks to its high capabilities and potentials in implementation of projects in urban development field.”
It is hoped that the plan entitled “City Prosperity Initiative” will be put into operation successful at the initiative taken by Bank Shahr in the best form possible, she added.
Undoubtedly, giant stride should be taken in the country especially after implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) since a bright future has opened in the country to carry out projects in international level, she said and called on all responsible officials to make their utmost effort in line with strengthening the role in the best form possible.

MPO Backs Implementation of CPI Plan Wholeheartedly
Deputy Management and Planning Organization (MPO) for Development Affairs Dr. Seyyed Hamid Pour-Mohammadi said: “With the coordination made in this regard, MPO will throw its heavyweight on successful implementation of City Prosperity Initiative (CPI).”
As responsible body for achieving sustainable development in the country, he said: “Islamic Republic of Iran will back this plan suitably.”
Coincidence of this program with Sixth Five-Year Development Program will create this opportunity to support the implementation of this plan comprehensively and categorically, he maintained.
MPO is missioned to formulate Sixth Five-Year Socioeconomic and Cultural development Program, he said, adding: “The final plan has been formulated and submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.”
In the end, he said: “This comprehensive program has focused on the following topics such as sustainable development, environment, etc.”

Opening 1st Regional “CPI” Bureau in Cooperation with Bank Shahr
The first Regional Bureau of City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) was inaugurated in Tehran in cooperation with Bank Shahr as operating bank.
In the inaugural ceremony, Governor General of Qazvin Province Hemmati expressed his special thanks to the management of Bank Shahr for unpausing support for implementation of this plan in Qazvin and appreciated the move taken by the Chief Executive of the bank for the first time in the country.”
It is hoped that inauguration of Regional Fund with membership of 45 countries will have positive aftereffects for the country and region, he maintained.
The next speaker was the Chief Executive of Bank Shahr Dr. Pourzarandi who expressed his special thanks to the unflinching efforts of members at UN Habitat and said: “Today, Bank Shahr plays an important role in all cities in the field of development of infrastructures especially public transportation.”
In the contemporary world of today, cities are grappling with serious problems in the field of providing financial resources, he said, adding: “As a pioneer bank in the country, Bank Shahr is honored to have an effective role in settling problems through establishing City Prosperity Initiative.”
The last speaker was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank ShahrMortezaKhami who pointed to the services of this bank in development and prosperity of cities and said: “Participating in international arenas is very important for materializing objectives of banking system in the country, so that UN Habitat and CPI have created a golden opportunity, moreover attaining success in this field, to offer quality municipal services.”

Head of UN Habitat, Tehran Office:
Bank Shahr Plays an Important Role in Implementing Prosperity at Cities
Head of UN Habitat Tehran Office SiamakMoghaddam pointed to the key role of Bank Shahr as the first Iranian operating bank in implementation of City Prosperity Initiative.
Turning to the activity of this organization and its relationship with Bank Shahr, he said: “Qazvin city was selected as pilot city for the implementation of CPI in global level, so that Bank Share is selected as operating bank for launching this giant municipal project.”
He pointed to the key role of Bank Shahr in this field and said: “The bank enjoys high capability which can provide some part of financial resources needed for implementation of this plan due to tis specialized field of activity in financing urban projects and also implementing technical projects in macro cities.”
In the end, he said: “City Prosperity Index is a tool which specifies progress of cities observing requirements of international standards, based on which, pertinent measures will be executed at cities and country.”

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