"Services of Bank Shahr is tangible in the citizens' lives/ Bank Shahr's support for development of the metropolises"

The CEO of Bank Shahr by pointing to the support of this bank from public works projects of the metropolises:

"The role of Bank Shahr in development of the cities is admirable"

A board of directors' member of Yazd city council by pointing to the importance of the metropolises' city management interaction with Bank Shahr Said:" Nowadays, the role of Bank Shahr in development of the cities, especially the metropolises is tangible and admirable."

Message of Bank Shahr's CEO on the occasion of Communication and Public Relation's week

The CEO of Bank Shahr gave a congratulations message simultaneous with the arrival of Communication and Public Relations' week. According to the report of the Communication Center and Public Relations of Bank Shahr, the content of this message is as follows: